we have prepared the list of Android 11 capable devices and now we have been preparing this from last year, unfortunately we have lost our data, well won’t miss it now as of now we have list of companies which can push Android 11 and some companies will limit their devices to old version.

well we have been making these lists under some sources and 80-90% will be true in these lists and some are under speculations.

There are companies which push OTA updates to their devices

Firms that push updates in time.

Google, One Plus.

Firms which delay a bit

Samsung, Motorola,LG,Nokia


which models could expect Android 11

leaving their first pixel models which was released in 2016 will not have this update and other flagships of google will have this update.

  • pixel 2, XL
  • pixel 3,XL
  • pixel 3A 3AXL
  • pixel 4
  • pixel 4A 4AXL

Pixel 5 bring all of its updates in it.

Google guarantees on 3 updates for any of its device.

One Plus

One Plus calls it as Oxygen OS 11 and they have their reputation to push the updates timely, but they can make it better in OTA updates.


list of devices

  • One plus 8
  • One plus 7, 7T, Mclaren edition
  • One plus 6,6T,Mclaren edition

One Plus 8T will come up with the latest OS and if you want to know more about OnePlus 8T you can have a clear idea on 8T series.


Note 20 plus

We have a huge list in Samsung and Samsung has been making our favourite tech since years, well I have a connection with Samsung flagships since 2 years from S10+, now S20 and we have recently used Note 20 ultra.

Ultra was bit unbaked, they could make it even better, i don’t have any complaints i felt wonderful experience with Samsung flagships

Note 20 ultra could empty your pocket.


  • S20 series
  • S10 series
  • S9(expected)

Note series

  • Note 20 series
  • Note 10 series
  • Note 9 (expected)

Tab series

  • S7 series
  • S6 series.


  • Z-fold-2 series
  • Z-flip series


  • A71
  • A51
  • A90

so these series also include their 5G flagships and ultra flagships.


Android 11 is the same as the stock version from the Google and you can experience their Os same as OS out from Google with some additions of Moto actions app.

list of devices

  • Moto Razr 2020 and previous edition
  • Moto Fusion plus and Vision plus
  • Moto G9 and G9 series.

this roll out of update can be seen in early 2021.


LG Velvet

LG flagships are bad at updates and they are not uniform at updates, they don’t push updates to old devices rather they fill it out with new devices.

List of capable LG devices

LG v60 and G8, this time LG is likely to get update in this December.


Nokia has delayed the Android update program even though it is the Android One platform, well they have delayed the update program.

list of Nokia Devices.

  • 5.3
  • 8.3
  • 6.2
  • 7.2


well we have seen Android One stamp on some phones which signifies that you get updates for at least two years and future proof for at least two years. that also depends on the release date.

we will soon explain about Android One program.