Pixel 4 was good Phone but not up to the expectations and was expensive which was underbaked for that price and was unavailable to some countries especially India because of project Soly, we were waiting for Pixel 4A but we can’t compromise with the flagship of Google to budget line up.

well, they had a leap in tech which wasn’t allowed in some countries, I wish this year I get this flagship in my hands, irrespective of some unnecessary tech upgrades.

Google Pixel 5 | SVSKHD Tech Inside

What to expect this time..?

is this the same under-baked Pixel or well baked pixel.

When is this device getting launched .?

September 30th

Expected Specs

Display6 inch (90hz refresh rate) OLED Display
Storage and Ram128GB/8GB
Battery4000 mah
Processor765 snapdragon processor
Pricefrom 699$

Obvious OS updates with Android 11 with this flagship will enter into the market, Google can push updates any time and every time.

well, Google is looking to cut off the price by opting Snapdragon 765G processor rather than expensive 865 processor like other flagships, well 765G processor can hold up tasks as well as 865 processor but this is an option for budget flagships.

One-plus Nord and Motorola Edge have chosen this 765G for standalone 5G chipset with incredible performance within the budget, Google is in the same line but this is for a flagship choice might be a ..?

i guess this time Google wants to make their flagship reach to everyone’s pocket, well google can offer incredible flagship with incredible specs but Google hasn’t delivered any kind flagship like that.

We liked google nexus and pixel till pixel 3 model, this is common statement heard by every pixel fan well we wanted to see some good phone with great specs and performance and also with basic flagship features.

Pixel4 wasn’t that great in sales and also wasn’t reachable to everyone, well they made excellence in single camera flagships, but they used to make those panda flagships were good.

I miss Panda theme in Pixel series.

let me know what google should do with their flagships.

Pixel 3 panda set of colors
Pixel 3 panda colors

Well, I have a list that what google should do with its flagships.

  • Good dual-sensor camera layout.
  • bezel-less or decent bezel screen
  • solid metal body like pixel 3 with minimal weight.
  • Excellent performance with no limitations in refresh rate.

Let me know how do you think about these pixel to be.

well at 699$ standing out to compare with some high camera specs inserted flagships like Note 20 Ultra could be a great move for pixel 5.

We will update it if there any new specs update in this Pixel 5.