Sony has been very keenly into DSLR’s and Play stations, but not in the Smart devices just because of Ecosystems and lack of publicity.

well they release their flagships with no events and with no certainty in date this could seriously effect the way of fans and other consumers.

there are whole together bunch of reasons which are effecting the reason of ignoring these flagships.

What we have noticed.

  • Lack of popularity
  • Date of release announcements
  • Enthusiastic Teasers
  • Series routine dates release

I have observed these points and now we have no relative practices of Sony which are majorly seen in releases, that they release new devices with no time fetch gap which could lead to confusion and irritation to any kind of customer.

They are not scrap in tech.

we have been using Sony Products since Walkman and PlayStation era’s, we are pretty much old customers to Sony but there are many things which irritate us in smart devices line up of Sony.

we have been waiting for the Sony to stand up at their events dates and also keen with their launches.

I need to admit that i like the tech from Sony, I don’t like that to be killed.

Sony Xperia 1 mark 2 or Xperia 1 II

We are surprised with the display and the specs in it,

The display is capable of 4K visuals with no clarity missing, and a major number of people won’t notice that I can guarantee that.

It is not bad at looks and specs as well, we have reviewed this device very closely, its a great device with unnoticeable specs which can make this flagship stand out but still we can say that lack of popularity.

this flagship can give best competition any other flagships and can even beat in some prospects like Screen and resolution and many more things.

Xperia 1 ii

well what is round off in specs.

Tech Spec Roundup.

ProcessorQualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865
Memory & Performance8GB & 256 GB UFS
Battery and charging4000 Mah and Qi wireless charging
USB C Connectivity
Display6.5″ 21:9 CinemaWide display
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6
CameraRear Camera
Triple Camera
12 MP 1.7
12 MP 2.4
12 MP 2.2
Front Camera 8MP 2.0
Sensors & EntertainmentIn-Screen Fingerprint
PS4 Remote Play, DUALSHOCK®4 Control compatibility, Game Enhancer, Dynamic Vibration System
Specs Round up
Sony Xperia 1 ii | SVSKHD Tech Indide

Sony best Ecosystem with their Camera and PlayStation connectivity and it also have some professional settings in Camera Layout which will have some learning curve.

I don’t want this tech to fade away, hope for the best.

simple review we will also come with our Blackberry review also soon.