Apple has created a buzz on these iPhone 12 and we have been waiting for this tech since a month, they have announced the dates and this time you can avail

4models of iPhone.

There is a range of screen displays to price this time, we are glad that Apple has listened to everyone this time and improved the tech accordingly

what were missing in iPhone

  • 5G
  • reverse wireless charging
  • Sleek model
  • Faster processor.

According to the poster we see that this time iPhone has got the fastest processor and 5G standalone chipsets in it.

There could be match up of similarity in our iPhone 12 models but the network access of 5G could be in pro model.

Can pro model have access to stylus of iPad.

that could be great feature if added, just a thought.

well there are four models releasing now, they are with regular model in two sizes and pro model in two sizes.

the smallest iPhone flagship can be seen this time with 5.4 inch model.

well they have entitled the event with the speed which could indicate the that A14 is coming up with much more performance loaded.

5G is coming to iPhone..?

hell, yea but not to every iPhone 12, 5G is barely known to everyone, so there where the flagships maintain their difference in Pro and regular geared flagships.

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro sizes.

I was missing the iPhone 5 shape and was trying to see the boxy model with this sophisticated camera equipment, finally, I can see these models with more colour options.

This is not just an iPhone event, well you can see many other devices to release.

Here we are only about iPhone 12 and we will discuss that, later we will explain which other models could come with iPhone event, not iPhone but all about

What are specs could we expect and which speculation could match it.

  • A14 Chipset
  • Lidar Sensor (Rear camera layout)
  • Boxy chassis
  • 120Hz refresh rate displays
  • 5G Network
  • incredibly faster than any iPhone and could match with any other top-end flagship.
  • significant Battery Life (3500Mah)

So clearly we call iPhone 5.4 inch model as iPhone 12 mini and another size in this same model is 6.1 inch.

iPhone 12 Pro screen size starts from 6.1 inch and ends at 6.7inch which is called Pro max.

There could be a speculated feature called Mag safe pad which is 15W powered wireless charging pad which could help iPhone to charge quickly through the wireless pad.

remember every unit like this will be sold separately, which won’t be coming with Box.

we are waiting for the launch.

Are you people aware of Launch date and time.

October 13th 2020 10 Am PDT and 7 pm IST