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well, there are many speculations on this S-series and the devices with many techs involved with premium price tags, well we have seen the Samsung S20 FE which could give a tight competition to One Plus 8T and also for Pixel 5.

the camera layouts of S20Fe would be the example of the S30 camera layout..?

The speculations are very much interesting in this smart phones sector which will come up with 80% true information.

so we have seen some s30 renders and stunned by the rear looks and pretty much excited for the bumpless camera.

We are still confused in calling this render and I will go with calling S30.

well S30 and S30 ultra renders show no bump and sleek model, well it looks attractive to me.

Renders always be exciting.

the per-production model looks raw but when it comes to production or to the user end they will look bit more gradient in powerful in tech.

S30 renders | SVSKHD S30 render
S30 or S21 regular render.

well coming to specs and leaks on specs they are most most powerful in Storage, Ram, battery performance, well they have quite optimizations in Exynos chip sets which could bring much more round off to snapdragon processors.

S30 Ultra model | SVSKHD India
S30 Ultra render.

I feel like renders are a bit early.

looks like Ultra has still a camera bump and also the 108MP huge sensor, with same aperture.

well the hardware isn’t going to change but the software optimizations and screen smoothness with high refresh rate could be felt.

there are nothing much to expect from S30 this time

well from renders we can say that flat screen and same round off edges, with almost same similar dimensions.

well, this time we will see differences and optimization in inner tech and software optimizations.

there are some upgrade sin Exynos going on, we can tell you exactly what is Samsung planning to do, Exynos want to take overtake the ride from Snapdragon performance and make the best performance galaxy with in house chipsets, even we are excited to see that what Samsung has got to do with these chipsets.

there is a brief lookup on S30 gallery below

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  • S30 renders | SVSKHD S30 render

Soon about specs.

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