OnePlus has not released a Pro version in the T-series that was pretty disappointing and every feature in a single flagship with some cut-downs are pretty much less preferred.

The made a great move with Nord 10 and opting 5G chip set for it, well we expect more from One Plus 9.

some speculations mentioned below might come true.

well we have been seeing the screen size has been increasing constantly which isn’t comfortable to many and while single hand usage will be problematic, well this solution was sorted out by Apple iPhone 12 mini.

now e we are also expecting smaller size from other android devices with much more powerful performance.

we might and wanted to see in upcoming One Plus 9

  • Pro, Mid-range with same sized screens.
  • New mini model with 6 inch screen high refresh rate displays.
  • 5G network access should be common in every model.
  • Wireless and Warp charging
  • Expectations on in-display front camera.
  • flat displays are needed.
  • well Slight changes in price or stay at the same line.

well these upper points and some flaws are also mentioned in above One plus model well i have been waiting for the best flat screens from One Plus

i admit that One Plus makes great phone at everyone’s reach, but there are missing some thing.

they are missing in price scale which is effecting One Plus and recently in One Plus they just forged into big giants trick of camera layouts.

well we like the previous One Plus camera cutouts.

One Plus 8 Pro | SVSKHD
this one.

The previous camera layouts are attracting to me, I believe that One Plus can be distinguished from other flagships well they need to work more the camera and the don’t change the place for One Plus 9 at least.

Some Clear round on Specs which are high on speculations.

  • Octa-Core Snapdragon 865 Plus(3.1 GHz processor)
  • 8/12 GB Ram variants
  • Well, we have seen 4,350Mah to 4500Mah now and 5000Mah aren’t uncommon in flagships now.
  • These curved screens have many errors as well, we can have palm rejection technology as well in here in 9th model.
  • Expected 4K screens in here within Pro model Like Sony Latest flagship.

well there are some more expected specs and majority of expectations are stated here, well we have been using One Plus since its first model well we liked it till 8 and now we didn’t have any impressions on 8T.

One Plus 8T

well we will update those specs soon.

One Plus 9 will release before April, we know so far about the model with a bit information said.