LG has got new stuff within hardware well they have got the new stuff in making those but not in software updates and regular updates, well there is a thing everywhere we have advanced up in hardware but not in software.

This is the major issue in LG.

Finally, LG made a great software experience with LG Wing and they come up with great specs and price with this side tilting screens, well LG is very bold at designs and also come with new and feasible designs with which there might likely to face no errors with that designs too.

Well they are weird and bold at their hardware and can also come up with new designs.

I need to admit that they have been making great phone and i wanted to say some thing about LG well i brought LG G8 at 2015, that was a month after release date and still this device serves me very perfectly with some lags for today’s app load.

i appreciate LG for their builds and devices have been spectacular.

i have this device in a single piece still now.

LG G4 | SVSKHD Tech Inside

should you buy LG…

Well, there are some myths and if you are bold enough to have criticism then you can have it and can also use it with full-fledged potential.

  • if you are okay with Software delays
  • Might now hit the updates within time
  • they might come up with weird tech don’t worry they will come up with the great build.
  • not bad at Camera module.

if you are okay with above mentioned points then you can buy their any flagship which will come with at least 3 years of endurance.

well LG is familiar with many weird tech innovations since long time and i remember it from Iron man well the image is below

LG-VX9400 | SVSKHD Iron man

well fast forward it to 2020 we see it in Lg Wing with much more easy availability in more features.

so these innovations are commonly seen in Samsung and LG which have come up with very bold moves in flagship and some of them outnumber in sales also.

Well if LG pushes their limits in good software updates then they can also outnumber their sales count than any other year.