Galaxy S21 or some call it S30, well if we according to chronology its 2021 which will be serialized with S21 as 0f my theory, well that theory might completely go wrong and might also completely go right.

When is the S-series flagship will launch?

January 29th

January 14th will the official announcement day and on the same day you can pre-order, the device might arrive a month after the pre-order.

Speculations highly work for per-order people and they want to know before of the launch what the device might look like and how durable is this device.

If you are fed up with your old flagship of S-series and want to have a leap on the flagship in performance and come up with new features this could be the option.

Majorily there are Exynos and Snapdragon upgrades in this Series which could push the tech in performance and also in Netowork Access.

Major differences in S21 as per leaks attached below

S21 | SVSKHD Tech leaks
S30 Ultra model | SVSKHD India
S21 Ultra model

they look similar in screens with S20 ultra and S20 but there is difference in Camera layout which is arranged differently and there is still two months of time to hear out when these devices could hit the market.

we will post more speculations and rumors on S21 and S21 ultra this year. for more on speculations are below.

Specs are here.