We know fold able phones and now they have been coming up with continuous innovations in the fold able device which are vertical and also which are horizontal.

We have Samsung Fold and Moto Razor and Huawei mate X Fold.

There are types of folds we have listed out below.

lg G8 X | SVSKHD Tech I INside

LG G8X detachable Screen powered by main device.

well that was a fold able technically with more like multi functional device with our wish of using it or removing it.

Complete mobility.

SVSKHD | Galaxy fold

Recent Model Galaxy Fold 2

Galaxy Flip its also a fold able

Galaxy Flip | SVSKHD Tech Inside
The Mate X | SVSKHD Tech Inside

Huawei Mate X another fold able.

Moto Razr 1 | foldable devices | SVSKHD
Moto razr 1
Moto razr 2 | Foldable device | SVSKHD
Moto razr 2

Well there 3 devices from Samsung and 2 devices from Moto and 1 device from Huawei.

Why should I list it out, well there is new kind of Rolling screen device coming up.

Remember this this was fascinating TV and same kind of tech is coming up within the smart phones and we have been waiting for this kind of weird tech.

well in the innovations stage we all think it as weird and eventually we get used to it.

LG Tech Inside Rollling TV |  SVSKHD Tech Inside
LG Rolling TV

similarly we have LG Rolling screen inside which is flexible and also we can have a regular mobile size and also a tablet size which will will open when ever you extend your hands.

lg-roll-slide-smartphone Bluprint SVSKHD
Something like this..
well this looks similar like this with semi-final renders.

This kind of designs and efficient functionality will be just credited to LG well there are very much expectations on Software updates well those are not happening till now and might expect some new updates in the coming flagships.

I have been waiting for the Software updates since very long with the LG phones, I was about to purchase LG G8x and I didnt buy just because of Software updates.

well that is effecting many sales well LG i hope you are listening to this and make sure that you are making this point to be noted and please make you devices look new with updates.

we just wanted to show you the updates of LG latest project on new hardware, they are really great at build quality and hardware too.

lets hope Software updates are fixed as soon as possible.