PUBG is getting back in INDIA before Deepawali, well that might an approximate date but this game will return for sure because there have been secret talks within the Cloud giants and now they have fixed their deal with Microsoft Azure cloud services and they will serve the game with Indian Server installed.

Despite of Huge fan Base India has banned this game just because of Privacy issues and Database coverage, We have huge list in apps which are kicked out from India.

But Pubg has got some strong base which will make a connection with our servers installed by Microsoft Azure cloud services, this game could go live very soon and expected to release in November.

The Fau-G Indian Game which will be same as PUBG and will have a tough time with the PUBG returns and this might come up with the serious competition.


so here we have acronym specified also it and then we need to wait for this game to launch in November, well there are some expectations on a date.

When will Faug will get released.?

expected dates are in November, and even already baked up PUBG is also ready to release in the market and will also have the tight round off in this RPG Gaming.

PUBG has got 50Million active users, that has got some huge active crowd, this could rule again if Faug fails to get over the game expectations.

well as we know the Faug game has also roped Akshay kumar in it and that also increases the crowd in gaming and might go on the fan guts of Akshay Kumar.

But this month could be the best month for the both the huge games which might have great tug of war.

I am looking forward to see those and will soon have a clear picture on these games, i need to admit i am also excited to have this Indian made game in hands rather than PUBG.