Samsung is very bold at their designs and they make them work in the way they wanted to and also many consumers like that way, well they have huge active consumers and also new converting consumers with new designs.

here were are with new designs and we have already 7.3 inch full stretch fold able screens and also with folding tech improvised and in the first stages of improvements they were many errors in folding tech with screen guards.

Now they have come with lesser hinge space with full screen protection now Galaxy has new fold able series like Z-fold

Galaxy Flip | SVSKHD Tech Inside
SVSKHD | Galaxy fold

So we have seen every new tech from Galaxy here and now waiting for S-series flagships in the way.

well in the middle of the way we heard that there are coming up with the new tech of sliding screens and will have a fascinating tech which could multiple sliding angles with their functionality in individual screens.

unlike Z-fold-2 we will see new era in selfie camera tech or in sliding screens for extra functionality.

This could help in hiding the selfie camera and might help in many cases but this could be beefier and might not help in the thin sizes, This could be a difficult task to programmers, well there will definite errors and might be glitches in the functionality but eventually will fix this up with multiple testings.

so here we reveal the prototypes of the design here.

  • Samsung Sliding phone SVSKHD
Sliding phone blueprint | SVSKHD

more like ever this sliding tech is already there before Android and Android is mature enough to get the hardware updates to be handled and folding phone and sliding phone and also a tilting phones are pretty much new to Android which are handled easily through updates and also with new designs.

that is hard to accept but this kind of customization is possible with any OS but IOS won’t come up with these designs, unlike Samsung comes up with Android with Their One UI 3.

we also have another bold design coming up from LG

LG new design. called Rolling screen flagship.