Apple has been been working on their Soc and on their own search engine and many more, well there is a lot to say and you people will hear a lot about M1, well there is a huge difference and is that true that their soc can be powerful than Intel macbook…?

according to claims yes but there are some disadvantages which can be pretty much annoying and we can feel that Apple has taken over the control over the complete hardware and they also reduced the c-type ports.

We have been watching this performance way digits which i felt personally controlled and freedom has been controlled over switching the hardware.

Apple has everything controlled according to them.

well, some intel mac users might hate it but according to Apple and their surveys of usage they have got the analysis of data of users of mac Air, Pro and how differently the users use these machines, well they said the M1 chip performance is very much equal to intel Mac Pro, and they also say the twice of the battery back up of any older mac.

This is what the claims are being said and Apple series of SOC’s upgrades are finally into their macs and now i much more eagerly waiting for the Macs.

and how could they combine Ram and GPU in Mac, unlike Macbooks they Mac’s have some modularity every time like the Ram and GPU, this time that is the trouble in looking up in the Mac.

This upgrade excites and the same way it also disappoints me pretty much.

Claims did by Apple

2.5X times of Intel Mac’s with same power utilization.

well this transitions were from 2years and they have integrated everything in One way that they have 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, they have differentiated everything and stated clearly that their SOC is much better in their devices than any other SOC in their devices.

Apple Perfromance M1 | SVSKHD Tech Inside

The Graph seems to be overwhelming and this could be more clear if the numerical s are specified.

this could bring more performance and standby time and exact customization to the laptop, this could be helpful in much more flexibility in Macs.

I hope there is more to optimize and there shouldn’t be cut off of the USB C-type ports.

Apple M-1 chip | SVSKHD Tech Inside
M1 Chip.

We will have a clear review on this SOC, soon enough.

Apple M1 chip | SVSKHD Tech Inside.

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