Well as a gamer.. in my case when I had a chance to buy a laptop ironically I went on with a decision to buy a coding laptop with an impression that I’d do wonders during my college days. But later on when I had to sell off that laptop within 1 year of its use while my brother who bought a gaming laptop has been using it since 7 years felt I was in a wrong path. So I started searching for the merits and demerits of both the genres.

Gaming Laptop Pro’s and Con’s

Conventional customers always think that gaming laptop is of no use and their children get spoiled if they get one. And that kind of conventional thinking in this decision making is harmful than Covid-19


  • 1.) Usage : Having those robust builds, gaming laptops are always made to withstand rough and hard user handling.
  • 2.) Processor : Majority of the gaming laptops come with a good processor like for instance, Acer nitro gaming laptop which costs around may be a 50k which is of course costly in many people’s view but look at it in this way. You either can get a RYZEN 5 2600x processor or an INTEL i5 10th gen with it. In that way you can easily make multitasking and make many other projects or run simulations and everything. Its not only for gaming.
  • 3.) Worth for every penny : Gaming laptop’s lifespan is generally higher than the normal laptops (if you don’t do hardcore gaming and use it for normal purpose) example, my brother has been using his gaming laptop since 7 years with regular gaming and works.
  • 4.) Dedicated GPU : Dedicated graphic cards have been a new style in town recently. Even many of the normal laptops are getting these. But the plot twists, they aren’t as strong as the gpu’s in gaming laptops. The entry level gaming laptop gets Nvidia 1050ti which can not only play games but can also run simulations and other hardcore processor burning software like Fusion 360 or Unreal Engine
  • 5.) Memory : All the gaming laptops us DDR4 RAM and that’ll have min 16gb of memory. This can help in making your works lag free
  • 6.) Storage : Majority of the gaming laptops use SSD’s included with HDD so that they can boot faster and YES! SSD is next generation storage device
  • 7.) Features : Higher the price, higher the features. Check out alienware’s latest laptop. That’s literally a killer one

These are some of the pro’s and have a look at the other side of the coin will you?


  • 1.) Weight : Majority of these gaming laptops are heavy due to their heavy duty build so, if you want to carry these to any place you need to practice working out with 5kg dumbbells (pun intended)
  • 2.) Heat : Some of the gaming laptops which I don’t want to specify the names through out heat as their size and build is made thin. Gaming laptops are made big because they are special. Making them thin only give more complexities rather than helping the consumer. Also as you go on increasing the price range, the amount of heat also increases with it
  • 3.) Battery : As they’ve got a powerful processors and gpu’s they consume more amount of battery and you need to charge it or carry a charger with you everywhere you go. That takes us to the next con
  • 4.) Portability : When you need to carry a charger where ever you go and have to plug it, you can build a damn pc. The basic use of laptop is the portability. And gaming laptops lose an edge on that case

Now coming to our regular coding laptops.

Well majority of the customers prefer buying these laptops as many of their known friends or family or colleagues bought them. You can have a look at pros and cons


  • 1.) Price : Coding can be done in any laptop (Basic ones not the graphic oriented ones). So the cheapest laptop in the market can yet turn into a coding laptop. They start from 20-22k
  • 2.) Availability : Not all companies make gaming laptops at an affordable price. But every company makes normal laptops at different price ranges with different add on
  • 3.) Portability : Majority of the coding laptops like the HP’s Dell’s and even the Macbook’s are sleek and compact in size so that they can be carried where ever you want. And also they have good amount of battery backup.
  • 4.) Convertibles : I know this is not the thing to compare in this. But some of you might enjoy watching a movie converting your laptop into a tab. Some of you can work or design anything on a touch screen. Some of the coding laptops are made as convertibles and none of the gaming laptops are made that way.
  • 5.) Controlled temperatures : Unless you try to choke it with gaming (like I did) generally all coding computers release controlled amount of heat (Even after that you should not consider putting them on your lap). So being heat controlled you don’t have to worry about getting a laptop cooling pad or turning on the Air conditioner.

Well every coin has got another side huh??


  • 1.) Low build quality : Of course you can’t expect an aluminum finish for a laptop which costs 20 or 30k. Even the company has to get some profits right ? But as they have low build quality they wont support rough usage. The keys come off from the keyboard after certain period of time. So if you had a breakup or if you are frustrated hit a wall.. not your laptop.
  • 2.) Weak Processor : Again… you can’t expect an i9 processor in 22k laptop. INTEL will have to close their company if they do that. But having a low quality processor will on the other hand makes you feel the lag in many many works.
  • 3.) No dedicated GPU : Well for many tasks or any other presentations (not the word or power point) but what if your boss ask you to make a small video AV for the presentation? What if he asks to design a poster? you just have to walk away saying you want to go to restroom. Because No gpu = No good video editing or designing. (Atleast for majority of the cases). You want that? no right…
  • 4.) Lifespan : Whenever you are buying a laptop or a phone or any other thing look at it as an investment for your work. Think about it like investing 30k on a tool for your job and it just lives for 1 or 2 years and then starts to make you count the stars..?? Low end coding laptops end up dying in max 1- 3 years. Well high end coding laptops do last for 3 years but you can get a gaming laptop that can last for 10+ years for the same price.. Just think..
  • 5.) Complexities : Not with the budget laptops. But the great price range comes more complexities and finally ends up defective.

Well you’ve read the major pros and cons of both the cases. Its upto you to get a laptop. I’m here only to tell you which one is better. But the ultimate decision lies in your hands.

Ultimately the price you get it for is the price it makes you pay. That’s technology.

___ See ya

Backstreet Gamer.