I was very much disappointed with One Plus 8T, not with the specs rather i was expecting some new design and some new looks or some new gimmicky camera’s or any other new stuff.

The price is nominal and the looks aren’t that great if you ask me, but you might like it and I heard many of them were disappointed as far I am aware of.

onePlus 8T

so these are the two colors and flagship material, built is great but i didn’t like the design and these days i heard One Plus was similarly making designs like Samsung.

One Plus isn’t that good at Camera and and some gimmicks in those camera types and we don’t need 4 camera’s, my opinion is around 3 camera’s is fine for perfect photography.

we have recently seen a One Plus 9 renders and by seeing the design, you should tell how are they planning the things to work within their way.

OnePlus 9 renders

OnePlus 9 early Renders | SVSKHD
One Plus 9

that camera aperture seems similar to some designs which are already in the market, though One Plus is famous for their OS and powerful specs nothing many bothers for the One Plus users unless and until they match the specs list.

OnePlus was first to introduce refresh rate displays or first to familiarize the refresh rate displays the trend of refresh rate displays are 120Hz now and now we can see 144Hz to bumped up with new more specs.

5G enabled network access are familiar in their flagships.

More powerful specs are coming up with more powerful chipsets, there are much more new things to come up from One Plus.

we have been waiting for One Plus smart watches and smart TV’s.

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