Believe me, I was super excited when I saw the first iPhone for my family back in 2015 that was a 4S. FYI that phone was released in the year 2011 and I got it in 2015 and I was excited like a mad child. Back in 2009 when I was in my schooling days my cousin got a Macbook Air.

He living abroad and things like this were normal to them but for a boy who is living in India Macbook was something different. So I always wanted to have apple tech in my room. Thought that was really a highly technical and helpful one. After getting a Macbook pro in the year 2018 I realized that Apple never ever thinks about the price to performance ratio.

It just wants its fans to buy the costly stuff. I was really blue and buying a Macbook was not an easy task for me. With a lot of confidence on my decision making skills I went ahead to buy that laptop with was around 2800$ I guess.


Believe me I sold it off an year later. The aluminum body was getting hot while editing. The only reason I bought apple or I can’t just say Apple is not a worthy company is because of their editing software. Final Cut pro and Logic pro X its only because of these 2 applications I not able to shun saying that apple is unworthy when someone asks my opinion about Apple.

I suggest them a good Pc, if they aren’t into FCP and Logic Pro.

If these apps are open sourced I think nobody would prefer to buy from Apple. Other than that apple doesn’t have connectivity.

Lock on eco system ….

It has got an ecosystem and it just lives in that ecosystem and others who’ve got an android or any windows laptop should die to share their information to you or to take your information.

Now, let me talk about the iPhones. I can say after Steve Jobs died Apple lost its mark in the tech or atleast its tech lost a mark in my heart. Every september they release a new phone or ipad or a laptop or 3 of them combined in their so called KEYNOTE,

I just watch it like “ehh not worth buying” but when in my school days when Steve Jobs was alive, me and my friends used to discuss and read tech magazines in the school library literally we used to fight to get a hand on that magazine so that we can read what’s happening with apple. I had an Ipod, Ipod shuffle, Iphone 6plus, Iphone 4s, Iphone SE, Ipad, Macbook Pro. These are the Apple tech stuff I’ve got in my home.

But I can never ever get my backup information from those devices to my android device. Recently I’ve seen this bizarre statement by apple saying they don’t send chargers with the apple phone with their new and latest IPHONE 12. I was like what’s next send them only the box and they have to pay more to get the phone…???? I was like “Is this kind of some sick joke” saying that its for environmental safety. I still never get the point in that. Took off the headphone jack from Iphone 7…. fine not a problem I can get a bluetooth headset.. BAMMM…. Apple airpods for 30,000rs and people are going crazy about it and buying while a 2000rs boat headset can give you a better performance than that. Sending updates to old iPhones to make them slower and forcing people to buy their new stuff. There’s a simple logic there if you provide good stuff you don’t need to force people… people would just run to you and will buy your stuff. Apple forgot that and started to do these things.

The Iphone 6plus had a bendgate problem I had to face it. Macbook pro 2018 had an overheating problem and when I went to the store saying that it’s getting hot they said it would cost me around 30k for the repair. I can get a new laptop with that price. I think people working on Apple and Apple fans need to watch the memes people are making on them.

Being a loyal fan doesn’t mean buying whatever the company had made. Loyal fan means who raises his voice to get the best from his beloved company. I’ve never seen anyone using Apple because of its tweaks in its technology. I’ve always seen people buying it or using it to show off their status.

Majority of the people who bought Apple wouldn’t really know the reason for buying it what it’s uses are other than calling people. The answer is nothing.. literally nothing. There are many many phones in android who are listening to their customer’s words and made great deals out of their phones and won people’s hearts. Coming to laptops, if Apple tech meets the need of people who are in the middle class sections of the society it can make massive graphs in the world of technology. Apart from showing off their brand value if it thinks about the other sectors of the economy it will be worshiped by everyone because of the applications they design. Logic pro x, Final cut pro, Swift etc. Just imagine all these criteria are being met in the economic price range why would any other laptop still be in the list. Apple will be the king of tech. The main ideology of STEVE JOBS was to make tech simple and the usage of that tech should make people’s life simple. Now Apple is just making it complicated for people who are buying it. They call it futuristic thinking. But IOS 14 has got a widgets on home screen feature. I’ve seen that feature on windows phone 8 years ago. I don’t think Oxford dictionary has the meaning for futuristic thinking.

I still regret buying that laptop. They say its for loyal fans. Yes but what about all the other people, apart from being commercial and showing off their brand value if once apple starts to listen to their customer’s voice apple will be the best tech in the history of Technology.

I think they are listening to the voice of their customer because one of the new iPhone comes in a budget 40,000rs range. Hope Apple continues to listen to their customers and get back its good old name again as the king of innovative tech. I’m waiting for those good old days where people (intelligent ones) waiting for apple to release its new tech stuff.

With love.. See ya..

Backstreet Gamer