Building a PC is like creating a world that belongs to you. You have to live in it. So let it be the best you can make

Building a PC is not an easy task or like doing any other regular things. Atleast for us in the Indian society because this is the society where majority of the people value only education and follow the norms that say education takes you anywhere you want… “Nahh it doesn’t.. your heart takes you where ever you want not a set of courses and a bundle of subject books I’m still finding a perfect use for (a+b)^2 formula for my daily use and everyday I fail to find its use“. I was just out of the topic for a moment I’m sorry, so building a gaming PC… when I started to build my gaming PC (Eliza) “I named it” it took 6 months for me to find how can I build a budget PC because I didn’t want to trouble my parents. I didn’t have clear information about budget list of PC builds. Majority of the videos I’ve watched were overseas one’s and there budget pc’s are easy to build because of their taxes and other issues. But here we need to slightly dance around the required margin so that we can get our desired pc. So for all the budding gamers out there who just realized playing in a mobile doesn’t make you a gamer and to be a gamer you need to have a PC… WELCOME ABOARD.. This is my chosen list for a budget pc. It’s for 26,000 INR (conditions apply) I’ll show you 4 margins and its your capability and requirement you can adjust the budget on your own


Planning a budget pc with so much of a constrained budget is quite difficult for me that’s why I’ve made 4 margins here so that it will be easy for you to understand your requirements. I don’t know your requirements right?

So coming to the point.

Processor: AMD RYZEN 3 2200g

For processor I prefer AMD Ryzen 3 2200g. It’s the best affordable entry level gaming processor which has got high price to performance ratio. It’s worth buying. For that matter all AMD processors are worth buying because they are actually cheaper than their competitor and more efficient in the field of gaming.

Since AMD started building APU’s from their Ryzen series that means processor and a GPU in same chip. This little boy here can make wonders which are worth for every penny you spend. It costs Rs 8,749.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-A320M

The only reason I’ve selected to show you this motherboard is because of the restricted budget. Otherwise I’d prefer Asus Ex a320m Motherboard which is also a bang for buck in the field of motherboards. Even this isn’t a bad one it can help you with overclocking settings (if you don’t know what overclocking means please don’t meddle with it). This has got only 2 RAM slots. For entry level gaming this can be the best board. It costs Rs 4,970.

RAM: Corsair vengeance 8gb

there are many RAM’s in the market but I’m suggesting you this RAM after having hours of intense gaming sessions for the last 2 years. Voila enjoy

It costs Rs 3,311

Storage: Seagate 240gb SSD

Gaming PC are beasts and they need to boot faster and be quicker than the regular PC’s. So this SSD costs Rs 3,089

Power Supply: Corsair CV450

You need a good gaming PC? then you need a good power source. This is 80 plus bronze certified 450 watt non modular power supply. It can not only balance the load of electricity, can also balance the electricity bill too. It costs you Rs3,500.

Cabinet: Ant Esports ICE-200TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

This ANT Espots gaming mid tower can be a roof to protect the rig that you’ve built till now and it has got RGB fan support. So in mere future if you need any CPU fans, this cabinet can surely support you. It costs you Rs 2,939.

The above mentioned first margin of the PC build contains parts worth 26,000 INR but no monitor and no gpu included. Also the prices are shown according to date 18/11/2020. Prices may slightly vary as the you look at them later.

Now let’s jump on to the margins shall we………????

PC with Monitor and without GPU

The PC which we have built in above margins around 26,557 INR. So If you add a monitor to it, it goes up to 33,000 INR. So if you don’t have a monitor you can set up your TV as a monitor.

So the best and affordable monitor which I’ve seen is..

LG 22 inch Gaming Monitor – 1ms, 75Hz, Full HD

It has got an TN display which can make picture quality moderate. But for gaming it has got amazing response time.Its also 21 inch monitor. So it can be small in size and also completes your rig if you don’t have a monitor. It costs 6,448 INR .

So the cost of the build now with the monitor and without a GPU is 33,005 INR.

If you want to spend a bit more on it, then you can have a BenQ monitor it costs 7,990 INR.

PC with GPU and without Monitor

Having a monitor is not a must, but I prefer saying having a gpu is a must thing you should do. Even though you have got APU (GPU and processor in the same chip) having a gpu is an added advantage to you.

Graphics: Zotac GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 Graphics

This is a fairly good entry level gaming card. I personally prefer Gtx 1050ti which costs around 11k. But with tight budget this gpu can give you those extra frames you need to make your game look smooth to your eyes. It costs you 6,500 INR

The cost of our RIG with GPU and without Monitor is 33,057 INR.

The cost of our RIG with GPU and with Monitor is 39,505 INR

All the prices mentioned above are the prices that are displayed on the day of 18th November 2020. Prices may vary (go up or down) from time to time

Hope you guys found this helpful. Would love to hear your response. Build your gaming PC and play your games happily on it. Do not listen to the naysayers they nag all the time.

See ya.

Backstreet Gamer.