Gaming the rapidly growing platform in the rapidly advancing world. Majority of the people around the globe who pretend to be busy call gaming waste of time, but gaming is bigger than the movie and music industry combined.

According to the latest figures, the video game business is now larger than both the movie and music industries combined, making it a major industry in entertainment. This year, the global games market is estimated to generate US$152.1 billion from 2.5 billion gamers around the world.

That’s what google said when I searched it. Well we may have disputes between us. PC gamers call ourselves the master race, console gamers try to say something and the new and budding phasers of mobile gamers say something, but when someone other than us talks about gaming we are all one.

Once a gamer…he will always be a gamer.

there are many games.. infact many nostalgic games that can make people wet eyed.

These are a small list that I’ve made from a bundle of most iconic games for the century. They are available for both console and PC. Mobile..?? well I’m not a big fan of mobile gaming because majority of the mobile games are either small ones or the battle royale.

Number of popular games in Mobile are

  • PUBG Mobile 
  • Free Fire
  • Battlelands Royale 
  • Creative Destruction
  • Rules of Survival

You mention the name it will be a battle royale. The only game that has a cross platform playing feature is the among us.

Now with the Master Race and Console

Here master race refers to the PC. We’ve got many many story oriented games with online features in PC and also in Console. I always prefer playing in PC and console because my brother once said

After 10 to 15 years from now all the online games that you’re playing now will be outdated and new ones arrive. When you open these online games they don’t work. But the story oriented games, even though their online servers are gone will make you feel nostalgic.

And that’s what I’ll follow. There were many online games back then in the mid 2000’s and where are they now ??? okay atlest from 2010 to 2014..?? TeamFortress was one awesome game with online feature and it has shut down its online servers. COD black ops (old ones) closed its multiplayer servers. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has closed down majority of the servers and some people who want to feel nostalgic will play that using game ranger.

some of the best Story oriented games that can make you nostalgic when you play it while your son or daughter starts gaming are……

Tekken 7

It has been a great fighting game since the Arcade era. I still remember playing this game on my PSP. My brothers literally played this game since 2003 the days where only interent shops had PC’s and there were bets placed on them while playing (Rs10). Now tekken has got a very big story line that has made it through 7 parts and it is always a pleasure to play that game. Even if the online servers close (they will never be closed soon) Tekken will always be a nostalgic pleasure to play.


Agent 47 is the my one of the most favorite characters after James Bond. He finishes of his target in such a manner where I can still recollect those scenes. That silent assassin thing is a major specialty of the game. This game never had online feature I guess but even if it did or not its a nostalgic ride to play it again.

DMC: Devil May Cry

Those were the days where I used to have a dual core cpu which literally did nothing and I missed all these games. I regret a lot because the gaming world is a real deal. It just gives you everything. You get attached to characters, you get creative, you get your language corrected. Majority of the english I speak is either from watching hollywood movies or from playing games.

Devil May Cry  is an action-adventure hack and slash video game series developed and published by Capcom and created by Hideki Kamiya. The series centers on the demon hunter Dante and his efforts to thwart various demon invasions of Earth.

Please check this game when you are free. The game just makes you fall in love with it.

Rainbow Six Siege

Perhaps the only online multiplayer game I love soo much is this one. The concept, the gameplay, the graphics are always eye catching. Its sad that some people don’t know about this game in India. They say we are busy getting BOOYAAHH.. or CHICKEN DINNER. The game features 5v5 PVP (player vs player) online first person shooter experience which is soo good that if you start playing once, you’ll forget the world around you.

Prince Of Persia

Most of you would know about Assassin’s Creed but this is something before Assassin’s creed that’s prince of persia. When I was a kid we used to call a game called Prince.

Back then I didn’t know the full name of this game but when I was in my 4th class I got the name of the game as Prince of Persia. I searched for the game and I got many prince of persia game.

  • Prince of Persia The Warrior Within
  • Prince of Persia The Two Thrones
  • Prince of Persia Sands Of time
  • Prince of Persia 3D
  • Prince of Persia Kindered Blades

And I was shocked to see all these games and they looked soo good. So I downloaded Sands of time game and sadly my pc at that time was a very weak one and it couldn’t run the game. Warrior within was the game I played. Those day where I used to put a bollywood song in winamp music player and minimize it and used to play the game on the other window. Now that’s called nostalgia and majority of gamers apart from PC and Console platform can never get that because once the servers are shut down the game doesn’t function. Of course you will have memories but you can’t relive those memories.

Assassin’s Creed

The above picture is the latest Assassin’s Creed game and we are talking about the whole series. I didn’t complete playing these games because these games started to take over the industry in the year 2007 and the PC industry was kinda switching from old tech to new tech and I was the guy who had a dustbin as a PC (dual core set up) so I couldn’t play these games. I regret for that. I’m suggesting these games to you because later when you accidentally notice that these games were really good, you’ll feel sad that you didn’t play them. If you are a real gamer you will feel sad for not playing a game that was soo good at its time.

Saints Row

Saints Row is a third-person shooter that takes place in the city of Stilwater. The game is structured around completing main storyline missions and side activities, earning in-game cash and other benefits to assist in future missions. These missions typically entail travelling around the city, carjacking vehicles, meeting people, collecting objects at checkpoints, facing off rival gangs in firefights, and other tasks. The game’s main story missions are split into three separate arcs, each dealing with a rival gang in Stilwater. Missions are started manually, and free-roam is available immediately after the opening cutscene, and all missions may be exited at any time to return to free-roam. I admit I never played this game but I’ve seen the visuals of this game and they are jaw-droppingly awesome.


Grand theft Auto….. This was the name I heard the most when I was a kid. I feel sad because I couldn’t hear any other names of other awesome games but I feel happy because kids nowadays are not even hearing the name of this awesome series as they are busy having BOOYAAH’s. Since GTA 1 the top angled crime action game I was really a big fan of it and when I saw vice city it just blew up my brain. I had mods on it all the mods all the other cars the FM working and it took 8hrs for me to complete the whole game and I don’t even know the count of how many times I’ve completed it.

When it comes to GTA V after vice city I’ve played San Andreas and I was 50/50 about it and Gta 4 couldn’t run on my PC because of its stability problems but the graphics and mechanics in that were soo good. After literally 3 years of its release in the year 2016 I bought an Xbox 360 and I played GTA V on it and it was really an awesome experience and I completed the game twice on that and later bought a PS4 and completed the game for 3 times and started playing Online on it and after that when I’ve got a PC built I downloaded GTA V offline and completed it for once and bought the game and started playing online. I was am and will always be mad after that series

Red Dead Redemption 2

When I had a PS4 and an Xbox 360 I never knew about this awesome game and after I sold of both those consoles I came to know about this game and I literally cried for selling them. When this game was released on NOV 5th 2019 that was on my birthday, I immediately bought it for 3000INR and started playing it was laggy at first but it was fine. My brother blocked me for 1 day as I unknowingly spoiled the game for him. That’s the fanbase of the game. The love people showed for this game is really untouchable. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about. Red dead redemption 2 is just like GTA V but you’ve got horses and cowboys. Just imagine……

Cyberpunk 2077

I’m still waiting for the release of this game because at first I thought it wasn’t anything big and I waited for assassin’s creed latest game. But later that night it was around 3:00 am I was watching E3 “the electronic trade event expo” and I’ve seen the trailer and in the end I’ve seen Keanu Reeves. With the face like terminator and features like John Wick I’ve seen him and I fell off my seat. I got super excited. The whole world got super excited to see him in the game and as a playable character. That’s why as soon as its released I’ll post a video on my Youtube channel “Backstreet Gamer”


All the time I was saying kids nowadays are busy getting BOOYAH’s not because I don’t like that games.

A gamers job is to play all the games. YES, I do accept but keeping those games on top and degrading all the other games is what I don’t like.

I stream 24 different games and I hear people saying Free Fire and other battle royale’s are the only best games in the industry. Well, they may be good at their segment (the mobile segment) because all the other games in mobile are offline and very small. But when it comes to PC, PUBG has a PC and console port. But other games Free Fire battleground royale etc they are confined to mobile and they can’t even be compared to pc games because they’ve got a long story and graphics and everything. Mobile is a semi gaming instrument.

Point to be noted.

BUT A GAMING PC AND A CONSOLE ARE MADE FOR ONLY GAMING. So if you like Free Fire and another battle royale (apart from PUBG… PUBG has a PC PORT and CONSOLE PORT) that’s a great play that game and enjoy… please do not degrade other games or platforms just because of portable way of gaming.

well, Gaming machines might change but not the scenario of gaming, well i don’t criticise any game nor any gamer.