Samsung has been releasing devices which have outnumbered their records, well every company needs innovation especially Samsung travels in way of innovation which turn up in super failures and well I appreciate for their bold moves for encouraging and make their tech flawless and efficient.

Disasters of Samsung

  • Note 7
  • galaxy Fold

well, there are many flaws and innovations come flaws and efficiency build from detected flaws.

that’s the way they work.

What are coming up from the Samsung in 2021.

this time fold able releases will not commence as combined with S-series they will make these events different and individual events.

S21 already looks stunning in renders.

  • S30 Ultra model | SVSKHD India
  • S21 | SVSKHD Tech leaks
  • S30 renders | SVSKHD S30 render

Specs, Price and Release updates.


Samsung S21 will come up with new Android 11 from the box well it will be probably with One UI 3.1, well we also expect that latest updates from flagships.


Well that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is going to feature a 6.8-inch WQHD+ display with a 1Hz to 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. It will also achieve peak brightness of 1600 bits and could also have an impressive 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The Galaxy S21 Ultra may also be the first device in this series to have support for the S Pen.

so everything with new S-pen could be available also with S-series, that could effect Note series lets see the new thing coming up with Note 20 then.


Camera layout is different but this will be firm at position and specs are unchanged in Camera which will also have 108 MP sensor.

well, there will certain improvements like stabilization and also with new-gen camera sensors, Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera. It’s going to have an improved, second-generation 108-megapixel primary sensor and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor. The device will also have two 10-megapixel telephotos (zoom) sensors with 3x and 10x optical zoom. Laser autofocus could be utilized.

that is seen here.

Storage & Ram

Storage and Ram will be offered as mentioned 12/16GB RAM and 128/256GB storage


This will come up with new Exynos series of 2100, which is not yet released well this could come with 5G and many more features in networks and as well as performance.

Snapdragon has its latest soc with 865, while Samsung has an only option with 865 and if not they might go with the universal release of Exynos 2100.


Prices of S21 ultra could range at 1399$ as we know S21 Ultra is an expensive flagship and also can match your daily tasks within no time, S21 regular model will start at 899$.

Release date

We will get these devices if pre-ordered then that could be 1st week of February and there is no official announcement on a date, expected release is at 2nd week of Jan, There is the official announcement of the date.

This Sliding gear will be seen soon enough in 2021.

Samsung Sliding phone SVSKHD