Battle of Processors

Why is it AMD over Intel..????

History of AMD & Intel

Well frankly speaking there’s a long battle story between AMD and Intel and I can’t sit and narrate everything because you’ll get bored. So I’ll just give you the main and important part.

Back in 1996 when Intel started Pentium Processors AMD started K Series processors the official battle started there. They started giving hard hits to each other for every new release.

When Windows XP was released Athlon XP edition was released and AMD had a upper hand in the battle every time in the mid 2000’s. That’s not for a longer time,

as Dual-core Pentium processors couldn’t pull it through Intel gave a had blow with the Core 2 Quad processors which pulled enough crowd simultaneously forcing AMD to work on something new. It was this time again AMD backed up its position with Athlon FX-70 but failed to get back to the top. At that point of time,

AMD was concentrating only on number cores and number of threads rather than performance. It was on January of 2010 Intel has released its new i3 processor which has changed the whole tech industry. They had literally everything

  • They had integrated graphics (“Intel iris”)
  • They had that quad-core processor which could handle many tasks
  • They had 4.10Ghz max turbo boost frequency.

Soon AMD started to worry and bought ATI graphics company and started Raedon graphics (that’s gonna be discussed sometime later) and the processors became weak in the area of performance while Intel blasted its way off with i series

The later cousins i5 and i7 raced their way to the top while AMD was still focusing on number of cores with Athlon and Phenom processors.

Slowly AMD only had its loyal fans and common people weren’t daring enough to buy an AMD.

For instance, I used to go to a class to learn about Hardware (CompTIA A+) back in 2018 (those were good old days) and in that class, I still remember my teacher saying Intel is the best and AMD is something which is cheap and doesn’t last long.

I literally had an argument about it but he just pushed me off with a fact saying AMD doesn’t have that thermal throttling so it just gives it’s full performance till its last breath and dies. Whereas Intel has thermal throttling, so when there is more heat it reduces its performance to balance the heat.

My brother who was using an AMD laptop back in 2014 with AMD Athlon processor and after 2 years of its use for gaming, processor got overheated and ended up dead.

So he has been using Intel i5 since 2015 for a straight half a decade. Well even I used to use an i7 8th gen in my first laptop HP envy and after that, I’ve used a MacBook Pro with i7 9th gen. They are good but I still think they are pricey

Ofcourse Intel has got

  • Good Compatibility (it has got more number of motherboards)
  • Manufacturing Capacity
  • Performance and Processing (22 nanometer processor )
  • Low Heat generation and Power use
  • Integrated Memory controllers
  • Integrated Graphics
  • Almost no competition (Till 2015)

What happened in 2015..???

Since having literally no competition since 2010 (From the raise of i3 processors) Intel just did what a company at monopoly can do. Targeting the widening cycles of their corporate,

small and medium business customers. The R&D was literally laser-focused on the mobile processors(laptops) overclockable K series processors. The price to performance ratio wasn’t looking good.


AMD started a new generation of processors naming them RYZEN which is kind of an old concept (integrated graphics) but served in a different plate. These were called APU’s. APU means “Accelerated Processing Unit” this has got both graphics chip and processor in it. Ryzen had initially 4 models in the first gen processors

  • Ryzen 3
  • Ryzen 5
  • Ryzen 7
  • Ryzen 9

These processors have a separate APU models namely

  • Ryzen 3 2200G , 3200G (Their generation numbers)
  • Ryzen 5 2400G , 3400G

They had those performance boosters

  • Ryzen 5 1600x
  • Ryzen 5 2600x
  • Ryzen 7 1700x
  • Ryzen 7 2700x

The main advantage of these processors was, they were affordable and their performance was really wallet-friendly.

While all the Intel processors stopped their processor size near 8 core 16 thread, Ryzen introduced their 2nd Generation processors with Threadripper which is a beast.

Starting from the stock coolers Ryzen did show the difference between its rival. Even the stock coolers were big and maintaining low temperatures.

Whereas Intel never gives good stock coolers even for i7 processor which is worth 36000 INR. Ryzen 7 2700x is 20000 INR and has got equal performance with i7 and a 10000 INR of money is saved.

Now 3rd generation of Ryzen processors are introduced. These are the world’s most advanced technology with 7nm technology.

With those APU’s installed AMD has got a higher edge for laptops as there wouldn’t be much of a need for a graphic card (for budget gaming) so whether it’s for budget gaming or high-end editing, I prefer Ryzen processors.