Which is the most dominant….????

Did Apple really started to think like human beings..????

Okay let me be straight, since the death of Steve Jobs I wasn’t much a bigger fan of Apple because they never listen to their customers and their price to performance ratio is something that has got a distance from earth to mars.. (clarification : Price is Mars and Performance is ground level ie..Earth).

Even after knowing all these things, I myself bought a Macbook Pro in the year 2018 which I still regret an iPhone 6plus in 2016 which made my important Whatsapp conversations and some other app data locked (couldn’t transfer to my android) and even after that I took an iPhone SE (that was actually a replacement to my MOTO G6) and believe me MOTO G6 is something even cavemen will hate. I was planning for a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in the year 2018 and accidentally bought a MOTO G6 with which I’ve literally seen HELL. I sincerely accept MOTO is a phone company that is much more worse in both price and performance when compared to Apple. Moto’s price to performance ration is like (Earth to its centre) literally NEGATIVE.

Let me not deviate from the topic. I’ll discuss about mobile phones later. Now….

Apple M1 the 8 core 16 thread 5nm processor which is considered by Apple as the world’s fastest processor..(wait.. can they just claim that…??? it’s like me shooting a short film and claiming that it’s going to be an oscar-winning short film)

Jokes apart

Apple M1 has got 4 High power cores and 4 low power cores. In the olden days the CPU, GPU, memory, T2 chip, and the thunderbolt controller were on the same board as different components of the board which caused latency as the data had to travel back and forth between all these components.

With this M1 all the above-mentioned parts are built into one single chip or SOC and every component is connected using high bandwidth fabric.

Why am I not trusting Apple..???

Even though I get a text from my ex who dumped me for 30 times (don’t take this seriously my poor life isn’t qualified for love) I’d trust her again and get dumped but I won’t trust apple. These are the guys who took off the headphone jack and sold their own blue-tooth headphones which looked like Vodafone Zozo without hands and priced it for 20k.

What do the research say..??

Well as far as my research says this time I think I can take a chance of suggesting the mac books with the M1 chip as it has got

  • 8 core processor
  • 16 thread neural engine
  • 8 core GPU
  • 2 Dedicated machine learning accelerators
  • Advanced Image signal processor (which can make the 720p webcam look better)
  • Dedicated video encoders and decoders
  • Enable low power video playback
  • 20 hours battery life
  • Gen 4 PCI express
  • Instant wake up from sleep
  • Efficient RAM usage

Look at the benchmarks

By Geekbench5

The single core benchmark is around 1717 and they claim that this is the best benchmark when compared to any previous Macbooks that apple has produced (I call it the best of sheep haha lol). But TBH I’m kinda liking things about this processor now.

It’s multi-core benchmark is round 7423 which makes it 9% more powerful than the previous Macbooks and this score is more than the i9 and the Ryzen 5000 series (Well played Apple).

Rumors say..???

Rumors say that there is going to be a 12 core M1X chip that is more efficient than the M1 chip and they are modifying all the Macbooks in 2021 and there will be refinements in 14inch and 16inch Macbook’s and also there will be a 24 inch Macbooks.

There will also be an iMac that will be having a dedicated GPU and I’ll be happy if everything sold is not only according to their greatest loyal customers (who can even buy a sack of potatoes for 2000$ if that has an apple logo) but for the normal customers too.

Well we had a intense conversations and we have been using M1 powered Mac air while we experienced better performance and better everything which makes us confident to suggest that laptop event its a higher price point.