This wasn’t unexpected, previously we listed out this in our blog,

we have been waiting for this tech to release, and finally, we see this tech has released at 550$.

This has a flexible moment with individual music cups and at the same time, The telescopic arms are present in this Airpods max, this commonly seen in other headsets.

but the uncommon thing to see is main music cups can move individually, that’s the new thing which I have seen in Apple modularity.

well, there is mesh structure over the head and also in the seal of the ear cup to show which side of the headset are you wearing.

Aitpods max earcup left svskhd tech inside

The over head structure of mesh looks in a same way and you don’t feel heavy unlike in other headsets.

airpods max hero 2020 mesh
Airpods Max Mesh

this is how the overhead mesh looks like and will support in flexibility to fit various head sizes without any hassle.

well, these are common features in every premium headsets, but the total thing is that Apple did it…

Now Active Voice cancellation and transparency mode are pretty much sweet, its completely under our control to make it low or make it completely surrounded to you, that thing was done in Airpods Pro itself,

Max has 8 Microphones and these microphones will help in much more efficient output, Adaptive

Max is made with H1 chip same as Airpods Pro with active noise-cancellation with manual control and also this max headset will have the new stuff which can adaptively work according to the movement of the head and also the spatial surrounds can be enabled manually.

What is the Battery Life & Price.?

The price is way too much and that is what we see in Apple gadgets, Apple has done great claims in this year with M1 chipsets, and now with Max headsets with 20 hour playback time.

Price is 550$ only which is 40,000 Inr.

nearly equal to any other company flagship.

there are also many other color variants available in five colors, including space gray, silver, sky blue, green, and pink,

Airpods pro colors

other headsets have a full cover up or the simple bag but this has a weird cover which looks new and pretty much fresh.

Airpods Max exactly new
Airpods Cover.

in this covered stage with the Airpods Max cover this stays in an ultra-low power state to preserve battery charge

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