One plus has been making spectacular smartphones for a long time and they are also in smart-TVs and we heard about smartwatches and Pad sized device from OnePlus,

well we have been waiting for the better flagship than T-series

I am pretty much disappointment with t-series and I am waiting for some legit flagship killer from One Plus,

we have been observing the camera layout is slightly changing towards to the left and it is coming up with a new look in rear side.

This trend has started from One Plus Nord and probably might continue.

well this guy will be powered up by Snapdragon 888 and specs on speculations on 9

snapdragon 888 is efficient in-camera sensors corrections and pre and post-processing of image capture.

in that case, OnePlus need not work hard on the processing stuff.

Oneplus is great at bumping up the specs.

In addition to that, This device will have snapdragon 888 in it which has the power to push the things little up to another notch.

Oneplus 9 leak

Thanks for that lets go digital, so what do you thing this bump on Oneplus smartphones

This similar cut-out is seen in Samsung and Huawei.

Competing with the flagships made OnePlus to change the Camera layout and also the look of Oneplus.

if we observe there is a gradual pick up in the line of flagship prices and we can’t call it a flagship killer anymore if this continues in price bumps and fewer specs than expected.

Some expected specs.

  • triple camera layout
  • 144 Hz refresh rate and double of that with touch senstivity
  • 5g enabled
  • excellent camera functionalities
  • 8/10/12 GB Ram models expected.

still in dilemma of regular and pro model, if we want a budget scale we can get in Nord, semi flagship with some power cut-offs is 8T series, now full powers with premium layout could come to Pro editions.

Quick leak updates from OnePlus.