Apple wants to get rid of lightning cable, I have been seeing Apple moves towards their flagships which have new rule in flagships that charger won’t be included.

There is an external force on Apple in some countries to include charger in the box.

Apple continued to remove charger included box in 60% of the countries, and has the quick charger brick for 25$ in any country on average.

Power brick charger is no more included in iPhone and they have been selling it separately, well we are also the victim of this hunt of Apple.

we brought iPhone 12 without knowing that Apple won’t include charger in it, The quick charger was around 1900bucks in INDIA.

Apple has been playing this game very well since iPhone 7.

well some times innovations can fetch problems and also might fetch the better solution.

similarly Apple got rid of 3.5mm jack since then they have been making the tech trend and we observe every company jumps on the their tech weirdly and make replica of that very soon.

Notch design, now charger and soon many other specs.

one of the feature is that we can’t see 120 Hz high refresh rate display in iPhone.

This will be followed by many other tech giants, recently Samsung confirmed the charger removal from Box.

Speculations on iPhone 13 are bit exaggerating and might not come up with favorable to everyone.

  • No lightning cable
  • lesser Notch
  • 120Hz Pro-motion display
  • Quick wireless charge
  • solid design.

How does this wireless device look like?

iPhone 13 Notch less SVSKHD Tech Inside

this looks very unreal for iPhone 13 we have been seeing this tech from iPhone 11,

high refresh rate and removal lightning cable was told many times wasn’t done in real-time iPhone.

this is done gradually in iPhone latest iterations.

Model renders without iPhone lightning socket looks like

iPhone 13 wireless charge
iPhone 13 wireless 3 svskhd Tech Inside

early renders look exciting and pretty much speculated. soon enough we will give the accurate details on technical specs.

as per render hardware designs doesn’t change and will stay the same but might be optimized from inside with performance and with little OS upgrades.

there is much possibility of removal of the lightning socket, well this is 80 % confirmed because of removal of the charger from box piece.

iPhone 13 notch less specualted display 2020