With Apple’s recent announcement of its newest Apple M1 chip, the Internet went insane. Not only were they dropping Intel, as a provider for CPUs for their Mac devices. They were entering a whole new market, with the CPU market being right now overtaken by AMD.

Talking about clock speed, the M1 chip has a base frequency of 3.2GHz compared to the 2.3GHz of the Intel Core i9 version. Apple’s M1 chip scored 1,687 on a single-core benchmark and claimed a multi-core score of 7,433. … The eight-core CPU also comes with four high-efficiency cores.


When specs are concerned the Core i9 takes the upper hand. It has 8 cores and 16 threads and a boost clock speed of up to 5.10GHz. The M1 is based on ARM designs and features the big. LITTLE architecture, which has 4 energy-efficient cores to handle background tasks, and 4 high-performance cores, which handle the tasks that need full power.

CPU Benchmarks

We only have one test to go off of but from these results, we can say with certainty that the M1 is a serious competitor and should not be underestimated. It outperformed the Core i9 in Single-core benchmarks by 22% but lost in the Multi-core one by 19%.

Geekbench 5Single-coreMulti-core
Apple M11687 (+22%)7433
Intel Core i9-10980HK13768837 (+19%)
Apple M1CPU1 vs CPU2Intel Core i9-9900K
Apple M1Intel Core i9-9900K
3.20 GHzFrequency3.60 GHz
Turbo (1 Core)5.00 GHz
Turbo (All Cores)4.70 GHz
NoOverclocking ?Yes
hybrid (big.LITTLE)Core architecturenormal
Apple M1 (8 Core)GPUIntel UHD Graphics 630
3.20 GHzGPU frequency0.35 GHz
GPU (Turbo)1.20 GHz
1GPU Generation9.5
5 nmTechnology14 nm
DirectX Version12
3Max. displays3
128Execution units24
8 GBMax. GPU Memory64 GB
Decode / EncodeCodec h264Decode / Encode
Decode / EncodeCodec h265 / HEVC (8 bit)Decode / Encode
Decode / EncodeCodec h265 / HEVC (10 bit)Decode / Encode
Decode / EncodeCodec VP8Decode / Encode
Decode / EncodeCodec VP9Decode / Encode
DecodeCodec AV1No
DecodeCodec VC-1Decode
DecodeCodec AVCDecode / Encode
Decode / EncodeCodec JPEGDecode / Encode
M1ArchitectureCoffee Lake Refresh
2Memory channels2
16 GBMax. Memory128 GB
16.00 MBL2 Cache
L3 Cache16.00 MB
4.0PCIe version3.0
PCIe lanes16
5 nmTechnology14 nm
ARMv8-A64 (64 bit)Instruction set (ISA)x86-64 (64 bit)
N/ASocketLGA 1151-2
15WTDP (PL1)95W
NoneVirtualizationVT-x, VT-x EPT, VT-d
Q4/2020Release dateQ4/2018
for those who need detailed information about both the processors


Apple has managed to pump out every last drop of performance from their new CPU. This coupled with MacOS’s great software optimization but makes this new chip a very scary competitor among other high-performance oriented CPUs. 22% increase in Single-core performance against a Core i9 is a fantastic base to build off of for the future. Yes, it lost in the Multi-core, but it still scored impressively high.