blackberry was a king in smart phones until Apple has dethroned in 2007, but Blackberry has gone through many blows in market after Apple and Android.

though Blackberry has made great phones in previous years and till date they haven’t released any new model,

we were hearing since a year that blackberry will return in 2021.

well Blackberry is forgotten but not killed,

Blackberry has been and been making model with Android with these qwerty keypads.

What is coming up in 2021..?

Sources say that 2021 will be a year with blackberry returns with Android OS and also with many customizations.

How many are waiting for blackberry returns and how often do you think of blackberry..?

frankly i think of blackberry return with great builds at OnePlus flagships prices could help out much for audience to take it.

If Blackberry follows some ground rules then they can be a flagship killer.

  • Battery
  • connectivity
  • Ecosystem
  • Dual models with Qwerty and Full touch screen
  • specs matching to present trend.
  • high refresh rate displays with irrespective of qwerty and full touch screens.

well they made previous models with large screens with qwerty keypad with touch sensitivity, if this feature comes up the 120Hz or 144hz refresh rate display with some shortcuts.

and display with some custom blackberry features with android core just like One Ui or any other custom UI with blackberry interface will help a lot.

latest flagship from Blackberry is Key2

similarly like Key 2 and and full touch screen model will attract more than audience ever.

blackberry Z10 svskhd
Blackberry Z10
blackberry key 2

I have been waiting for this various choice of models from blackberry with custom Ui and present trend of specs loaded with Android core access of apps availability.

just let us know what do you think of Blackberry return.

we will post Renders on Blackberry new models soon.