We were waiting for One Plus to launch this Smart watches and smart bands since a year and this is ain’t any old news.

it was tipped to release right after the Smart Tv release by One Plus, well that didn’t happen, i have heard a lot from One Plus speculated moves on Tabs and Smart watches and bands.

Why are we discussing this long.

The same watch was announced to launch before Google acquired fit bit, the renders were in round shell kind of thing which can come taco meter.

One Plus good moves and stupid moves with the designs in 2020, at least i expect some new gadgets or new listings with this tech.

One Plus 8T wasn’t that good enough in 2020 and T-series didn’t match the expectations, how can we see any t-series as normal edition.

I expected some new stuff and builds or at least good looks, There is no offence but I want to keep up the Mclaren edition to continue.

lets stop this crap…

so watch looks similar to fossil smart watch with One Plus logo on it and we also have sketches regarding that.

oneplus-watch renders

we still don’t know exact date of release of this Smart Watch.


I personally want to see some new eco system with perfect connectivity in Android.

Android has multiple eco systems and even Microsoft has new App called Your phone to connect your phone to the laptop or to your pc where we can manage the whole data of the smart device and also with the calls.

unlike Apple Eco system there is no third party apps, Android is matured and broad enough to allow apps to integrate.

well now Android has many eco systems but not perfect one, this has to be done soon and still Android has no match in eco system.

still Google has no matching flagship to Apple if i speak frankly, well One Plus made is possible with great hardware and with help of Android core.

I hope OnePlus can bring up the tech with nice Eco system with this move, because we also have seen the Smart TV from One Plus.