Being a Blackberry fanboy i need to admit that Blackberry has got great experience in its OS and you can simply have great Models till now.

Blackberry models which you are not aware of


  • Blackberry Z10
  • Blackberry Z30
  • Blackberry Z7
  • Blackberry Passport

Blackberry with Android

what was the difference and why Blackberry couldn’t by pass the flagships, well Apple and Android were busy in fixing their own bugs and were quite busy in making new things in OS.

Apple don’t sell their Os and Google sells out everything but doesn’t make a custom build for every brand, Blackberry couldn’t manage making the custom builds with their flagships.

This eventually failed in the penetration of the market and couldn’t fetch great sales like Apple, Android devices.

How much do I love these device’s

I still use Z10 and I also have Blackberry passport and we are still stuck in love with those devices and we aren’t able to leave and switch the side frame works from Blackberry.

but eventually we were forced to switch the regular frame with Android or Apple because of Apps and we were making this deal digesting slowly.

well i am quite impressed with Key 2 and we have been seeing some speculations on renders on key 3.

well that revived my love towards to Blackberry.

The above video looks way better than any key Version and we have been seeing some qwerty shortcuts and smart way of interactions.

What to expect Key 3 or Key Concept

  • End to the end screen display 90 Screen to body ratio.
  • Qwerty keypad Shortcuts
  • 120 Hz refresh rate display
  • Android Home signatures with Qwerty shortcuts.
  • Two powerful Camera Sensors.
  • Wireless charging as well as fast charging through a cable
  • Best battery up to 4500Mah.

well i expect those above mentioned features in key 2 and 5G is optional to me, that’s not mandatory yet.

I hope Blackberry can still strive even it has Android in it with little tweaks, but Blackberry have been making their flagships pretty expensive and unexplored options are majorly seen.