Apple has been making Se edition since a long time from iPhone 5 well now they are continuing it from last year with Se with iPhone 8 body and now iPhone Se will look similar as iPhone XR.

Old designs with two releases could be the Apple’s intelligent move ever, with new internals and increased performance with lesser price than the flagship is very much satisfying for any Apple buyer and many new customers will come to experience the Apple devices for lesser price.

Everyone won’t be willing to buy a flagship and couldn’t spend 800$ to 1000$ flagships but this Se ranges from 499 to 600$ which is even quite expensive.

But Apple does it in way of their own pricing and also in tech.

Well Significantly Apple has made the best silicon chip M1 and it is perfectly at its claims and now we are seeing Se edition has come on April in 2020 and now at the same time within April of this year.

Specs to expect from iPhone Se plus

  • A14 Bionic
  • 6.1 inch
  • Main Camera is 12 Mp and there will secondary camera also.
  • Renders show two models(Every Model will have common specs with above mentioned points )

What does first render look like.?

The first render looks like iPhone 8 at rear and also with Notch in front with same sensors aligned in flagship.

What is Mostly heard and highly on speculations

end to end display with lesser screen to body ratio, with punch hole in top center of the screen.

Well this seems impossible to see from Apple, well i am okay with the traditional notch .

As Se is for beginners or for budget models there won’t be Face id so this might get into the top center punch hole camera.

iPhone Se2

these are fictional renders well no camera screen won’t be coming in Apple this soon, they are going to take long time to make this perfect look.

What will be the Price range

35,000/- to 40,000/- in INR

499$-580$ in USd

this will be the price of the SE devices from Apple with latest software and internals with old designs.

reviving old phones with internals and software.