Apple has to go a lot with its silicon and now they are planning to make the thinnest mac and mac pro with all these advantages with M1 chip, which is far more powerful than any other core processor in Mac.

Well i have been using Silicon mac since a month and what i observed is M1 is powered Mac is lacking in Apps which are in need for mobile developer.

so still waiting for those optimized App store.

getting back to the point

we have heard some new leaks on iPhone and now iPhone has two models called SE edition and flagship edition

SE Edition

and flagship edition has also got improved, well its late to market but when iPhone does it they make it as market move.

Notch wasn’t culture of any flagship, but they have pushed other mobile brands to copy it.

other than tech giants they made smart designs with their flagships.

What to expect.

  • The notch is there and same in size.
  • Whole Camera cutout will be covered with Glass
  • In touch screen fingerprint sensor.
  • Power Drop:-Reverse charging is accepted.
  • Always On Display:-Display will be always on with every moment of Time and date instincts
  • Pro-Motion: Adaptive refresh rate display.
  • dropping off charging port socket no more lightning cable.

These were expectations on upcoming iPhone and some say 12S and some say it 13

well we will confirm it soon and we are here with new iPhone Name.

and soon here will post list of IOS 14 Compatible devices.

well until there have a look at the best things coming out in upcoming iPhone

so these expected features are getting added now.

I want to see how do they make them work and make it happen with flagship.

New Innovation s from Apple

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