In a way, PUBG Mobile  pioneered the battle royale genre’s growth on the mobile platform. The game is a trend setter even now.

It gathered a massive player base across the world and is extremely popular among the Indian community.

However, the title’s journey is not good in India. Remember apps ban phase in India? This is one of those. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG Mobile India Everything we know till now.

Deal with Microsoft Azure

PUBG Mobile got a ban in India due to data and security reasons. Later, on 7th November, Krafton Inc said “they are working with Microsoft Azure”. A deal with Microsoft’s cloud computing service would ensure privacy and data security.

Soon after the deal with Microsoft Azure, announced the official statement on November 12th. In the official press release, they changed things:

#1 Default clothed character

#2 Green hit effect

#3 Feature to limit the playtime

Moreover, the South Korean company also revealed their plans for an investment worth $100 million and set up an India subsidiary.

In October of 2020, PUBG Corporation posted a recruitment notice on LinkedIn for a Corporate Development Division Manager for the Indian region. After this, hopes regarding the return of PUBG Mobile strengthened.


PUBG Mobile India later released. They featured prominent Indian PUBG Mobile figures – Kronten, Dynamo, and Jonathan – and displayed a “Coming Soon” message. Users can view it below:

A new website for the title is online . On the ‘news’ section of the website, users could find a ‘Download’ option. However, the download option didn’t work and instead redirected the players to the official website of the global version of PUBG Mobile.

On 21st November, PUBG India registered as a private limited company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, having paid-up capital of ₹5 lakh and authorized capital of ₹15 lakh. 2 Directors are there namely:

  • Kumar Krishnan Iyer
  • Sean (Hyunil) Sohn

RTI’s Statement on PUBG

Recently there have been numerous developments about the future of PUBG Mobile in India in the form of the response to the RTIs. One of the replies revealed that no permission was given for the launch of PUBG Mobile in India.

GemWire had also filed an RTI in December, which sought information regarding PUBG Mobile’s suspension in the country and the game’s current status.

The response cleared a lot of doubts surrounding the title. It disclosed that the game wasn’t banned for public access but was only instead blocked. The reply stated that the blocking only applies to specific apps. Also, there was no formal dialogue between PUBG/Krafton and the ministry.