As we know PUBG mobile got banned in India in 2020. The new report suggests that the game developer Krafton could be looking at releasing the newly announced PUBG: New State mobile game in India soon.

Although the company did not issue any official statement regarding this issue and neither the government of India. But several media reports revealed the Hindi version of the official PUBG NEW STATE website.

What does this mean?

This can be a signal or a sign that PUBG new state can be released in India soon. And this can make millions of fans excited and happy.

Couple of days earlier…

Couple of days earlier the PUBG from its twitter handle wrote

“We hear you and know that you would love to know more about the game and prepared a few in-game screenshots to share with all of you! Stay tuned to our official social media channels for all the latest exclusive content we’re preparing for PUBG: NEW STATE!.”

What’s on the table?

Well the PUBG mobile New state trailer is showing some promising and good gameplay, graphics and new mechanics in the game. PUBG new state is being set in the year 2051 and brings new vehicles, weapons and maps. This is also up for a pre registration.

First Impressions

Well as far as the first impressions goes, it looks more like a mixture of Apex legends and Cyberpunk 2077 which are the top of the art PC games. Apex legends is one of the best battle royale game while Cyberpunk 2077 is also one of the best futuristic games.

What are the changes?

They did many changes as per the reports. It has got diverse weapons, and tactics, where 100 people will be in a war until one player or one team, kills all the others. The blue zone of death will shrink faster in the new game. Only the strongest survives and will be tagged as “Lone Survivors”