(video credits to Svyatoslav Alexandrov/YouTube)

Apple’s iPhone Flip will be the stuff of rumors, but that’s not stopping a concept design from suggesting a different approach for the company’s anticipated foldable phone.

Instead of a clamshell design that flips open to reveal an extended screen,

why not an iPhone that folds open like a book?

That’s the vision of YouTube creator Svyatoslav Alexandrov anyway.

Alexandrov’s created an iPhone concept video for a dream product called the iPhone Fold that has more in common with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 than the clamshell design that other leakers have tipped for Apple’s foldable.

Alexandrov makes a video design for an iPhone with an external 6.3-inch screen that unfolds to reveal an

8-inch folding screen on the inside.

Opening the iPhone would mean blowing it up into a larger iPad mini that’s still viable as a portable device. But also large enough to be considered a tablet.

In the above video, instead of relying on FaceID, it would turn to TouchID, using the primary screen as

support for an embedded fingerprint sensor for you to quickly unlock your phone.

The video says, the iPhone would feature a selfie cam on the front with a triple camera on the back. Just like the iPhone 12 Pro, though with more advanced optics. 

The above concept is compatible with MagSafe and 5G-ready, though Alexandrov didn’t add additional details, such as the usage of an Apple Pencil or what type of hinges would support its folding display.

However, iPhone Fold features that are teased in the video include an A15 processor that’s the chipset likely to power this fall’s iPhones —

an under-display camera on the 8-inch screen, four surround speakers and five different color options.