We are here say that LG has announced that their mobile division is no more active for R&D.

they are going to support the present flagships, no new flagships are going to hit market.

Reasons to fail in Mobile division.

We have made a solid research on it and we found some interesting stuff which no company has tried to push these kind of tech into their flagships.

  • Weird flagship names.
  • Weird tech but not useful for everyone.
  • Less preference to their flagships over the price factor.
  • less awareness on specs of their flagships.

Well everyone are after the full bump of camera hardware rather than a fully inside camera.

Well confused of what I said, let me explain .

Well G8 is made solid with those inside dual camera setup and looks and feels great in hand.

Every company has got rid of 3.5mm jack socket, but they have a gut to have the tech with dac mechanism in it.

This feature isn’t preferred for everyone and these innovations of Lg has a less target audience which might convert less no of sale and eventually in less income .

Gimmicks don’t work at the price point view rather comfortness could come up with some common features like every flagship does.

Dare to Innovate couldn’t fetch enough sales

LG Wing and detachable screen model Lg8X were a direct dominant for Samsung foldable and these aren’t good at no of sale even lesser in price when compared to price of Samsung foldable.

Blackberry also got same situation

But we appreciate blackberry that are coming up with one final try with the key 3 concept.

And we are still confused that how true is that , we need to wait and see how does that work out.

Similarly, Sony struggles with the same situation

Well every tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Google and recently Oneplus fetch great at sales due to awareness through huge ads of flagships and huge awareness at the time of release.

The above mentioned and some companies aren’t mentioned but they make great advertisements for their flagships which creates great awareness and fills your needs and requirements through this awareness programms.

Other major reasons of failure

  • No updates for the next-generation devices
  • confusing devices with no series of flagships
  • The budget series sucks with fewer specs involved
  • no Expected hardware unlike other flagships

well unlike other flagships they come up with new tech hardware and innovations which doesn’t suit everyone.