Pixel 6 will no more be a host of snapdragon processor and Pixel 6 will be having their own processor which is a bold move and need to balance the pricing and come up with new features work perfectly.

We were thinking that this move could happen soon or later but this was expected and i was waiting for this.

Why Own a chip and what is this Chipset called.

this chipset is considered to designed to bump up efficiency with lesser hardware need and also with no fancy ram size and which might give up a great glance at spec sheet but coming to experience this will bring up slight difference infancy no’s in the spec sheet.

What is the name..?

White-Chappel and this also has a code name GS101 , well there is secret waiting for you at bottom of this page.

Next Pixel could be a disaster or User friendly

Well according to me Google isn’t giving up at their flagship and they are coming up with new stuff in hardware and software, this is all about impressing users with the tech used within scale of flagship.

Personally i miss the panda version of pixel.

Pixel is missing in…

  • Standard colour edition with special edition.
  • No standard model release in every country
  • fancy and unregular specs in it.

I was personally disappointed with the pixel 4 model and especially with colours and there is no standard tech identification for this flagship and nothing feels like Pixel or google flagship.

Google has managed it up in great software but not in great tech in their flagships and they have great reputation of the Pixel Photography which was vanished with Pixel 4.

What is GS101

GS101 is Google and Samsung combination in custom chip sets for their next Pixel 6, you heard me right, it is not that exciting but worth waiting for the coming up flagship.

Is that Done…?

remember Fitbit company owned by Google which is also a great work of discovery to make something new to come up in trending with Smartwatch and some smart stuff which could bring up things together of google to make up an exact ecosystem.

i hope for normal regular release with no fancy tech spec sheet.

i will keep you guys posted regarding these updates.

stay tuned to