Apple has been making some fascinating news since SE and we have been eagerly watching for coming up events, since we have switched our regular driver of work from IOS and we also code some web development stuff from M1 powered Mac air and Pro.

well, I just wanted to convey that we have been in Apple Ecosystem for a considerable time and we have been enjoying that and now we see other companies try to match this ecosystem, we see every time there is a failure.

considerably Samsung has been doing some new stuff to match but not up to the mark and even Oneplus has got low expectations on their recent release of smartphones and smartwatches.

Still don’t know what Apple has decided to call it…?

well we will show up some renders below

before that we will list out here what tweaks are going on in iPhone 13 0r 12s.

kind of turning point

  • lesser notch occupancy
  • changes in camera layout
  • more screen to body ratio
  • thinner than previous iPhone’s according to leaks.
iPhone 13 3d renders | SVSKHD

it’s not up to the 3d renders but we have made some R & D and seen some real time renders which aren’t functional.

This is an iPhone 13 regular model render.

These were our speculated specs and we thought the following features could happen and those were too early to expect from an iPhone.

  • No lightning cable

expectation from leaks are

  • The high refresh rate could be more than 140Hz and might be 240Hz according to leaks.
  • No changes in wireless charging

No Mini version this time.