The old Intel iMac is just kicked off by the colorful and new iMac.

A new benchmark for the new iMac featuring the Apple M1 chip is on the GeekBench 5 database, and if that’s accurate, the new iMac will be turning on the God mode in performance.

What did the benchmarks say?

The benchmark results show both single-core and multi-core performance. Its single-core performance scores were between 1,707 and 1,736. In multi-core performance, the scores were between 7,429 and 7,471, with an average score of 1,724 in single-core and 7,453 in multi-core performance.

Over at MacRumors, the comparison was between the 21.5 Inch mac from 2019 and the new iMac that is replacing and they have the new iMac beating the 2019 iMac by about 56% and 24% in performance.

Did the new iMac kick off the last year’s 27 inch iMac?

No. It did not beat the 27-inch iMac from last year, at least in multi-core benchmarks. But in terms of single-core performance, the new iMac is 39% faster than a 27-inch iMac which has an Intel Core i7-10700K, which comes in with a single-core score of 1,240. 

Multi-core performance is a different game here, with the 27-inch iMac scoring 8,281 to the new iMac’s average of 7,453, which is 11% better. Well isn’t that remarkable considering the Intel Core i7-10700K is a seriously powerful CPU. But the M1X will be having something special for you soon.

Well that’s some attractive features for now. Will be posting some more tech and gaming news again.. Until then

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