Windows has got new everything..?

windows has everything new as new features which quite surprised me and i guess it might surprise you too..

this has got many apps support and many collaborations with third party apps which could show up bugs initially but eventually they will get better.

but initially what we observe is that you can see different start menu layout and you can also see that it is much of customizable , something new and some say it as copy from MacBook , i see that macbook has dock which windows has a mid screen start menu and you can also pull it any corner you want.

windows 11 | SVSKHD

The live tiles hav gone and round corners trend is seen in the start menu and windows has made a special features which is called….

Windows Memory Positioning.

well this positioning of memory tabs is bit confusing let me explain when ever you connect the other display which you might open multiple tabs on other screen and you see these multiple apps continously and sudden lux in electricity or unplugging your windows device from additional screen you wont see these apps on your screen which get minimized when ever they devices are disconnected and the same way you apps get aligned automatically when ever the additional screen is attached.

these has some gaps to answer well they will answered after our full testing of windows 11 to next level.

is this windows light weight.

unlike ubuntu which is feather weight to any system which can be easily managed and also give you extra room for performance but might not allow you for the gaming needs which is narrow point.

Best of windows OS of till date released versions..?

might be friendly to every developer community and might get better eventually unlike struck from windows 10, OS upgrades are always good and might push you in next level for integration.

Can you install Android apps in Windows.

yes you can install android apps with the help multiple involvement of bridging of apps here, well you need to install Amazon store which is completely different from Google store and you can see there might not be as perfect as google store and they might also have less app access unlike google.

still windows have to get better, Apple has additional plus point here with App synchronization within devices and Windows 11 is just a software which still struggles like Google to make bridge of echo system between devices.

i fell that Windows might bring up much more exciting updates becaus of this bridgning of apps we can see that there is official death of Blue stacks.