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  • iPad Air,Another best option from Apple which is affordable.
    Apple has been listening to the audience and optimizes the features according to it, well they have been taking feedback so well that tech with equivalent performance is very much satisfying. well iPad Air doesn’t miss out any feature from iPad pro. Well its a pro and and there are certain differences between these devices […]
  • S30..2021 model of Galaxy S-series speculations has started.
    well, there are many speculations on this S-series and the devices with many techs involved with premium price tags, well we have seen the Samsung S20 FE which could give a tight competition to One Plus 8T and also for Pixel 5. the camera layouts of S20Fe would be the example of the S30 camera […]
  • Jio kickstarts 5G network access with the help of Qualcomm.
    Jio the huge telecom company in no time which has got huge no subscribers than any other single network in India, well that was a great marketing move. Now they have succeeded in their move well there are pretty much other things to figure out where giant tech companies have been pushing the 5G network […]
  • One Plus 8T isn’t a flagship, why isn’t a flagship.
    OnePlus 8T has got major changes in just camera layout rather they made this device in between the scale of flagship and budget, well thats is not an astonishing model and that’t not a great looking flagship. well the color is new with light teal mixed up. if you ask me which T series is […]
  • Apple has entered into new 5G era with bigger Lineup.
    There was a pre-recorded apple’s event yesterday which was an every year wait for the new iPhone and well being a tech reviewer we wait for the tech every day. There are 5 new things in this event, pretty much simple. Home Pod Mini iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro […]
  • latest 5G device from Samsung, probably OnePlus Nord 5G Killer.
    Samsung has released a new devices which also has 5G and and also has beautiful looks in it, you need to definitely check it out. We have seen recently One Plus Nord 5G device which is also a 5G device after many days of release they have released 5G in it, but in this 5G […]
  • iPhone 12 more in availability of hands.
    Apple has created a buzz on these iPhone 12 and we have been waiting for this tech since a month, they have announced the dates and this time you can avail 4models of iPhone. There is a range of screen displays to price this time, we are glad that Apple has listened to everyone this […]
  • Why is Sony Strugling in Smart Devices way?
    Sony Xperia 1 ii Specs and thoughts
  • OnePlus has got some new stuff to release and old stuff to leave.
    There are many speculations on 8T that One Plus 8T Pro wont be coming to the market instead they would come up with ultra model, One Plus is no more thinking of pricing and balancing, they have just started to trigger their to next level for every release. What is not coming..? One Plus 8T […]
  • Top 10 5G flagships in 2020 | SVSKHD Tech Inside
    We hear 5G flagships in Samsung and many other phones, and now a days we also hear about other firms also. now we can come up with new network 5G with easy reach of devices. every day there is a improving tech and improving speed of network and decrease in network issues, you can also […]
  • Samsung has designed Fan edition with killer specs, this could kill OnePlus 8T.
    I call it as Note 20 with out stylus, i can see this model with extraordinary specs and looks are great. Why is this extraordinary you get this beast packed features just for 699$ we were calling Flagship killer when OnePlus was inbound of affordable prices, but whichever gets extraordinary specs within in it, well […]
  • Pixel 5, What has been baked by Google, is this available to everyone
    Pixel 4 was good Phone but not up to the expectations and was expensive which was underbaked for that price and was unavailable to some countries especially India because of project Soly, we were waiting for Pixel 4A but we can’t compromise with the flagship of Google to budget line up. well, they had a […]
  • Android 11 update, is your phone in the list.. check it out.
    we have prepared the list of Android 11 capable devices and now we have been preparing this from last year, unfortunately we have lost our data, well won’t miss it now as of now we have list of companies which can push Android 11 and some companies will limit their devices to old version. well […]